Business Support – 3 Critical Resources

Our business support is made up of four main areas, Customer Relations (CRM), GDPR support, HR & employment outsourcing, and health and safety software. 

Find out more below. 

Customer Relations

Andach can supply CRM software for your business, to put all the details of your customers in one place, securely on the cloud, and stop you having to deal with post-it-notes and bits of paper.


GDPR applies to every business, sole trader and charity in the country, and it's not going to go away when we leave the EU. We'll help you understand your obligations, and give you help, advice and software to make sure you're compliant without breaking the bank.

HR & Employment

We offer anything ranging from advice on employing your first member of staff to a full HR management service. Our software will help you remain compliant with the law, make training and onboarding easier, and we can even take on your payroll too.

Health & Safety

Advice and software to support easy health and safety reporting. We'll help you make sure you're compliant with audits as well. If any incidents do happen, we'll help you with communicating with the Health and Safety Executive as well as RIDDOR reporting.

3 Critical Business Support Resources

The D2N2 Growth Hub provides businesses in Derby, Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire with a single point of access for business support, grans and advice.

Currently, they have supported over 7,000 businesses, and secured over £10m of funding for small organisations in the local area. 

business support from d2n2

HMRC also produces a small, free course on starting your own business. It mostly covers legal compliance, and tax issues. 

derby enterprise growth fund

The Derby Enterprise Growth Fund is a partnership between Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council with funding from these two bodies and EU funding through D2N2. 

The scheme provides capital grants up to 30% of funding for a specific project. There is a minimium grant of £20,000 – meaning the minimum project costs should be around £67,000. 

The scheme is split into two parts – the Derby Enterprise Growth Fund (DEGF), which provides both grants and loans (though prefers loans), and the D2 Enterprise Growth Fund (D2EGF), which solely provides grants.