CRM Implementation – 5 Proven Benefits

1) Data securely in one place

Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offers many advantages throughout your business, saving time so you can focus on your customers.

A CRM puts all your customer data into one place, so there’s one log in for your staff to access all the information they need.

This data is protected so accidental deletion of a spreadsheet is not possible.

2) Save Time with Automation

A CRM allows simple automatic reporting through a full BI program or Excel.

It allows you to easily send automated marketing emails, “abandoned cart” mailings and similar.

Simple questions can be answered with automated chatbots.

3) Improved Marketing and Branding

A CRM allows you to identify leads quicker by using website integration. Leads are generated instantly once a potential customer fills out a contact form. 

You can also set up a series of automated emails, to contact only customers who are interested in certain products, or a certain location. 

4) Improved Reporting and Analytics

A CRM will become the backbone of your reporting and analytics. 

You’ll be able to report on customer groups across different revenue streams and see the impact of marketing.

If you’re using external reporting software like QlikSenseTableau or Power BI, then your CRM will be able to integrate these – either with a direct SQL connection or by exporting CSV/Excel files. 

Andach can help with our extensive IT Support service. Whether you’re looking for a cloud, or a self-hosted solution, we can help get the results you need. 

5) Easier GDPR Compliance

It is significantly easier to comply with the law if you’ve got all of your customer data together. 

The CRM implementation process will allow you to review your customer data, deleting any you don’t need, and correcting any mistakes. This is a critical part of GDPR accuracy compliance.

A CRM will also help when sending out marketing emails, keeping information about who has opted in and out of communications in one, easy-to-manage place. 

Finally, a CRM will allow you to easily respond to Subject Access Requests, usually with a one-click export to CSV. 

Andach can also act as a GDPR consultant while providing a CRM.