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Many companies are concerned about their obligations when they start employing people. Employing an HR consultancy firm can help. 

Getting the contract type correct, organising pension and payroll, making sure that you’re keeping the right documents, and keeping them securely, providing an employee handbook, or making sure you’ve got all the correct information covered – it’s hard work for small businesses. Even if you’re only employing yourself and your family, you still have legal obligations to consider. 

You’ll find that for a fixed fee, most firms are only offering advice. Andach goes one better – a full HR outsourcing service. We’ll be your HR function, not your HR provider. 

One-Off Issues

Downsizing and redundancy

In these trying times for business, we know a lot of clients are looking to downsize or make staff redundant. We understand how unpleasant this process can be and our goal, as external HR consultants, is to ensure that staff are treated clearly, fairly, and sensitively, while also making sure that the company complies completely with the law and regulations. 

We can advise on the general nature of redundancy or specifically any implications arising from COVID-19, and whether any additional support is available. 


Where a serious disciplinary matter arises, the situation must be handled promptly and fairly. 

Regardless of the nature of the staff misconduct, we can help advise – not on the appropriate decision to make – but on how to approach and document the situation.


A frequently-overlooked requirement of HR consultancy, numeric analysis is critical for understanding where you may be overspending on salaries, or benchmarking against competitors to see why you might have problems recruiting. 

We’ll review your pay and benefits policies and work with you and your management board to issue contract changes, and negotiate with staff and unions as necessary. 

First Employees?

The first employee is a significant step for any company, and our HR consultancy service will help you understand your obligations. There is an excellent detailed guide on necessary steps to hire an employee from 

If you think the new employee might be better considered as a contractor, consider our IR35 Advice service – we’ll be able to review the terms of your agreement and help you understand how you should legally classify this. 

Registering for PAYE

You need to register for PAYE if you’re employing someone as a limited company or as a sole trader – but you don’t have to register if you’re self-employed yourself. 

This can all be done online, and you’ll also need employer’s liability insurance. 

Staff handbooks

If your business has grown, and you’re hiring a handful of employees, you’re going to need to formally record your working practises and expectations in a staff handbook. One of the greatest advantages of having such a handbook is avoiding “panic policy design”. If you’ve already decided on a fair, compliant policy for redundancy (for example), there’s no need to spend time hurriedly researching redundancy regulations the first time you need to do so. 

Significantly, a well-written staff handbook can help show that you, as an employer, have acted fairly and in compliance with the law. If a tribunal claim arises, your staff handbook, and your adherence to your own policies, will be a key factor in your defence. 

What should our handbook cover?

The precise nature of your handbook will depend on your business, but generally speaking, it should include:

  • Recruitment, induction and probation periods. 
  • Working house (including overtime policies and flexible working). 
  • Absence policies – what do do, who to contact, and set clear expectations. 
  • Maternity, paternity, adoption, parental leave. 
  • Pay and benefits – which should include not only when regular pay reviews will happen, but also other benefits (cars, health insurance, death in service benefit, etc.)

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