HR Outsourcing – 100% Functionality, Meticulous Service

In addition to HR consultancy, Andach offers a 100% HR outsourcing service. 

Unlike our consultancy, which is for those starting off employing people, or for one-off issues, our outsourcing is a continuous service, billed monthly, designed to take on the full functionality of your HR service. This can represent a significant reduction in both risk and cost. 

What's included in our full outsourcing service?

Named Lead Advisor

You'll get your lead advisor's direct phone number and email.

Anytime Support

Pick up the phone or send us an email any time, with any issues you have.

Bespoke Templates

You'll get HR templates and documents customised for your company, and for your business needs.


Our training is available for managers and team leaders. Additional training courses can be arranged as required.

Benefits of HR Outsourcing

Reduce expense

You’ll find our HR outsourcing service significantly cheaper than a dedicated member of staff. We deal with software, hosting and integrating this with your business as well. 

And it’s not just the cost of a full-time or part-time staff member. You’ll save on office space and equipment too.

Our services are quoted for, and bespoke to your organisation and risk levels, but are highly competitive – especially compared to the cost of a staff member – notwithstanding their national insurance and pension costs. 

hr outsourcing

Reduce risk

Employment law changes frequently, and Brexit in particular is going to see significant changes in regulations in the UK. 

It’s critical that you keep on track of changes, both to ensure you’re complying and to ensure that you’re taking advantage of any changes that are in your favour. We’ve encountered employers who were unaware that the qualifying period for unfair dismissal changed to 2 years – and that was back in 2012!

Can your business afford to contest an employment tribunal? Worse, can your business afford to get it wrong, and have the court rule against you? Take our HR outsourcing service and let us take that worry. 

Save time

In our experience, employers with 2-10 employees spend the most time (proportionally) on HR issues. Usually, this is due to inexperience and lack of confidence – directors have to spend a lot of time researching regulations and writing policies and documents from scratch. 

Andach’s HR outsourcing service saves you all this time and hassle. We have templates and expertise ready and available for all our clients. 

Don’t spend your evenings and weekends in front of government advice websites and fiddling around with Microsoft Word templates trying to understand legislation. Call us and free up your time. 

Happier staff!

Seriously. A well-run HR department will increase staff satisfaction and ensure you can recruit the best and brightest staff. 

Small businesses frequently lose out on the best talent because they couldn’t match a competitor’s salary expectations or benefits package. Depending on the role, applicants may expect benefits as standard, and even accept a lower salary – but without knowing this, you can be turning them off before they apply! 

When staff are onboard, they’ll expect to be respected, clearly communicated to, and have a fair set of policies consistently applied. 

Simple, No-Worry HR Outsourcing

If you want to save money on your HR team, to save time and reduce your GDPR risk - call us today. 

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