London Trampoline Accounting and GDPR

Delivering a stable, online accounting system and a secure database of customer details, accessible only by authorised users. 

LTA also came to us with questions about their corporate structure – they were unincorporated, and wanted to find a solution that would give their members limited liability for debts, and help with their fundraising. 

The Client & Their Challenge

The London Trampoline Academy is a small voluntary unincorporated association which operates about ten training sessions a week from rented premises. They run a volunteer service, with coaches being unpaid, and about 100 young people bouncing regularly at their trampoline club. 

Their Challenges

Becoming a Charity

When they came to us, LTA was an unincorporated association. They wanted a structure that gave them as members limited liability.

New Website

LTA's website wasn't mobile-friendly, out of date and confusing to navigate.

GDPR Review

All LTA's trampolinists are children, and they were aware that their current Excel management system was inappropriate.

Pay Coaches

The club wanted to move to pay coaches, so they needed advice on software and worker vs. employee status.

The Solution(s)

Corporate structure

Andach investigated a number of different corporate structures for LTA. This was based on the brief of needing limited liability and a not-for-profit structure. 

We examined a number of options, and discussed these with the management team, eventually concluding that a Charitable Incorporated Organisation was the best structure for their new business. 

At their request, we attended the client’s EGM to explain to the members what the change in corporate structure meant. We then (once voted through) registered the CIO on their behalf, and worked with them to draft their constitution. 

New website

We started off by reviewing the client’s existing website, and found it to be slow to load, not mobile-friendly, and with no on-page SEO. 

We produced a new website for the client, and had a zoom meeting to explain to them the details of on-page SEO and how important this was. We reduced the number of pages on the website, and worked together to write copy that read well, and was SEO optimised. 

We moved their website to a new, more powerful server, which resulting in a decrease in page load times. We also took over the job of communicating with their existing host and domain name provider to take these over and manage them on the client’s behalf. 

We’re currently finishing writing up the website copy before making the final move, and will put a link to the new site up here as soon as it’s finalised!

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Decrease in Page Load Time
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GDPR review

To start with, we created a full data map of the client’s systems – including where records were transferred from system to system, and when records were exported. 

LTA used an industry-standard application, (effectively acting as a data controller) to book their classes and take payment. This was working well, and they had no intention of changing it. 

We found the biggest risks in the client’s data processing was in manual data exporting, so we created a system of automated scripts to share and synchronise information between their website and third-party supplier. 

Payroll and employment

Paying staff or workers is a significant change for a lot of businesses. LTA were concerned about their obligations, and correctly classifying coaches as workers or employees. 

We reviewed the fundamental details and discussed the details between employees and workers at the organisation’s board meeting. We also directed the managers towards our article on the difference between employees and workers

We concluded that LTA should classify its coaches as “workers”, and arranged timesheet software so that hours could be logged and authorised. We then produced a document to advise their coaches how to use the new system and took on responsibility for making regular monthly payment to their workers. 

The Results

LTA has a new corporate structure, limited liability for its members/trustees, and the new website is due to be launched shortly. 

They have a fully automated system of recording hours worked, and know their organisation is fully GDPR compliant. 

Working with Andach has been transformative. They clearly explained everything and consulted with us on becoming a charity. We save so much time having a timesheet system and don't have to worry about payroll, as this is done for us.

I'd recommend Andach to anyone looking to make changes to their organisation.
Harriet Curtis
Chair, London Trampoline Academy