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VAT Registration Questions

Required Registration Currently, the VAT registration threshold is £85,000. If your turnover (on non-exempt items, see below) is over that threshold, you have to register. For more detailed explanation, see the writeup on VAT registration.  You can register voluntarily if your turnover is below this threshold, unless all your turnover is exempt.  Exactly what…
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Identifying the Difference between an Employee and Worker

Why care about Identifying the Difference between an Employee and Worker? Whether or not someone is classified as an employee or worker is important in understanding the obligations your organisation has towards them – and their obligations towards you.  An employee is under your control at work, and you are required to provide: Sick pay…
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) UK Small Business Support

We are happy to advise small businesses, charities or individuals on the financial impact of Coronavirus on their business. Simply send an email or call for more details.

Benefits of Incorporation

There are many significant advantages of operating as a limited company (Ltd) in the UK. Over the last five years, the majority of the largest tax benefits have been removed, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still good reasons to consider incorporation. Here we look at the key reasons to incorporate a business in the…
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