Chartered Accountants – 4 Promises, Quality Service

We are a modern firm of Chartered Accountants, but we offer far more than other firms. Our full range of services is below, but our unique selling point is our IT expertise and integration. 

With cloud software becoming more and more common, we will happily take on both your accounting and bookkeeping, with a paperless service. We don’t believe in paper – we shred it as soon as possible, scanning in documents, communication and invoices. This saves time and money for both you and us, and keeps our fees down. 

We’re happy to act for and represent limited companies, sole traders, partnerships or answer questions about incorporation. 


Accounts & Tax

All the basics, financial year-end prep, VAT returns, corporation tax and personal tax for directors.


Let us take charge of your bookkeping service completely. We offer a full ledger, whereby we keep all your paperwork and accounts in a secure online portal, with no physical paperwork held at all.

Company Secretarial

We offer a full company secretarial service, acting as your agent with companies house, filing annual reports as needed on your behalf.

Payroll & Pensions

Every company has pension obligations, even if it only has one employee. Andach will correspond on your behalf with pension providers, keep timesheets (if your staff have them) and run your monthly payroll.

Chartered Accountants Services we Provide

Accounts Preparation – Full production of your limited company’s year end financial statements, filing these with Companies House and HMRC. 

Bookkeeping – With our IT expertise, we can offer a “no-post” bookkeeping service. Just have your invoices sent to our premises or email, we’ll file them, scan them and get them to you on our web-based system for authorisation within 48 hours. You authorise online, and we’ll deal with payment. 

Payroll – We provide a full payroll service, for both directors and employees. We also offer software to track timesheets for individuals who need them, and have managers authorise time and pay accordingly. 


Pension Administration – As part of our payroll service, we can advise, set up, and correspond on your behalf with your pension provider, including making the monthly returns and payments with each payroll run.  

Tax Advice & Returns – Tax legislation is growing more and more complex each year. We are happy to file and calculate both company and personal tax returns, and provide you advice to ensure you are legally structuring your affairs in the most tax efficient way possible. 

5 Promises for our Service

1) Clear communication on progress

We think that Chartered Accountants should hit their deadlines and be clear with their clients as to how work is going. 

We’ll always be clear with you as to where we are and what we need from you. No unexpected surprises, no last-minute delays.

Financial Accounts 80%
Corporation Tax Calculation 70%
Personal Tax Calculation 40%

2) You'll keep more of your money

With our tax planning services, you’ll be able to keep more of your money. By carefully reviewing business expenses, rules and advice we’ll work with you to identify whether your current tax plan is efficient, and suggest changes to reduce your tax burden. 

Please note, that as qualified chartered accountants we do not involve ourselves with any artificial or aggressive tax avoidance schemes. 


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Possible Tax Saving
0 %
Legal and Compliant

3) Plain English at all times

We promise not to bombard you with jargon or technical terms. If you’re not experienced with finance and business, we’ll be clear, and always happy to explain anything to you. 

4) The latest and best software

Whatever your business use, we’ll provide you with software and IT Support to enable you to access your accounts and invoices securely over the cloud. 

It doesn’t matter what device or operating system you’re using. Windows, Mac or Linux, a tablet, phone or PC. Our cloud-based software is suitable for all businesses, secure, GDPR compliant and we’ll deal with all of the setup.