Personal Tax Accountant – Best Service come 31st January!

Personal Tax Accountant for the Modern Trader

Andach is happy to act as your personal tax accountant, whether you’re self-employed, a company director, or need to file for any other reasons. We guarantee a personal service, with clear communication, and accurate calculation meaning you’re 100% compliant. 

personal tax accountant

You are not a number, and we won’t treat you as such. All of our clients get a named contact, and their direct number. 

You’ll have a final meeting with you personal tax accountant to explain how we’ve got to your final number, and show and explain any major tax savings that we’ve identified. 

We know that not everyone knows about finances and tax, and we also know that not everyone wants to know the inner details – so we’ll explain in clear English as much or as little as you want – in as much, or as little detail as you need.  

Do I need to File a Return?

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Self Employed

If you are self-employed and earn more than £1,000, you need a tax return.

Rental Income

Rental income, or any other untaxed income, including tips, commission, or money earned overseas? You need a tax return.

Company Director

Virtually all company directors are required to make a tax return.


A higher-rate taxpayer isn't required to send a return, but you might need to if you want to claim certain credits.

Claiming Tax Credits

It’s not all bad news! Not everyone who fills in a tax return gets a tax bill. Some get a rebate. Anyone making charitable contributions and paying higher rate tax, or anyone claiming business expenses, is in line for a rebate. 

Even employed people (paying tax under PAYE) can have business expenses. Some smaller businesses don’t reimburse expenses, or don’t reimburse them fully. 

If you’ve driven for work, you’re able to claim up to 45p/mile driven. If you’ve been working from home (as many of us have during this COVID crisis), you might even be able to claim a proportion of your utility and/or phone expenses. The precise amount you’ll be able to claim depends on your exact circumstances, so get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find out if you can get a cheque from the taxman.