Andreas Christodoulou

Transformation Expert, Data Analyst, Chartered Accountant, Mathematician

Complaints Management Software

Come with me through an intriguing tale of mystery, drama and political intrigue. 


A sole consultant, working alone in candlelight at the dead of night, away from the watching eyes of the crownsguard.


Find out how he saves the day and creates for a bespoke complaints management system to allow his client to centralise their data and comply with GDPR. 

What’s the problem?

  • Slow

    The client's complaint process was agonisingly slow, leading to dissatisfaction from both complainants and respondents.

  • Inconsistent

    Outcomes of the complaints process were not consistent. There were no clear guidelines for how things should be decided on.

  • Error-Prone

    The process was prone to human error at multiple stages due to its manual nature.

  • GDPR Risk

    Finally, there as a clear GDPR risk identified in the process. The client was aware they were unlikely to be compliant but didn't have the internal expertise to fix it.

How did we start?

The client was aware of all of the above, as was their entire internal complaints and disputes team. They had no capacity within their internal IT team to plan or approach the problem, and no software they had found mapped up with their internal use cases. 

The client was a non-profit, and I waived my fee to help them.