Active Directory Implementation – 3 Key Benefits

Email and Active Directory Implementation in Derby

We’ll set up and/or manage your office active directory implementation for you, whether you want an on-site server or wish to use a Microsoft Azure cloud-based service. 

Having a proper Windows domain set up is critical for a small business.

  • If a machine breaks, staff can immediately access files on a replacement or spare.
  • Synchronise information between work laptops and desktop machines.
  • Easily work from home using Office 365, from anywhere in the world!
  • Keep your data secure using a single sign on system. This also minimises the risk of staff forgetting multiple usernames and passwords.

3 Key Benefits of using Active Directory

Centralise resources and security policies

The primary benefit of using active directory, system administrators can manage all network resources from one place, based on what works for your company. 

For example, an organization could choose to administer Active Directory by logically dividing the users according to the departments in which they work, their geographical location, or a combination of these characteristics.


active directory implementation

Single sign-on for all Windows resources

Active directory (of course) links into all Microsoft products, so companies taking advantage of Power BI, Office 365 or other subscriptions can manage all these in one place, and allow or deny access to users centrally. 

Regardless of whether you’ve gone for an onsite server or Azure Cloud Active Directory, your staff will have a single username and password for all their Microsoft-based software. 

Simplify Folder Locations and Permissions

Active directory implementation makes it far simpler for users to share files in the network – by setting up a permission system based on roles, staff can create and share files with others securely. 

This is something we frequently suggest as a GDPR consultant. Storing and managing files centrally – rather than emailing copies about, or putting them on USB drives – is far more secure and will result in fewer data breaches in your company.