Cloud Computing – 4 Genuine Reasons to Move

Yes, we know. “The Cloud”. Everyone’s talking about it, but cloud computing isn’t new, we’ve had remote-hosted servers for decades. Offerings from Microsoft, such as Azure Active Directory, are an attractive alternative to the traditional onsite server. 

It’s not for everyone, and we’re the first to admit it. If you’ve already got an onsite server, you might find the cash savings from moving to the cloud don’t materialise – you’ve already bought the server! In this case, we can offer you IT support as well as upgrading your office networking capacity. 

cloud computing

Reason 1: Save Money

In almost all instances, moving to cloud computing is a fantastic way for businesses to save money. 

Rather than having to buy a server – which could be anywhere from £300-£1,000+ – you pay a simple per-user, per-month cost. Microsoft Azure Active Directory even has a free option! Although it’s unlikely to be good enough for most small businesses, it shows that there are cash savings. 

Reason 2: Cloud Computing is Easier to Budget

With cloud computing, you pay a monthly fee, sometimes on a per-user basis. There’s no surprises when the server breaks, there’s no expensive upgrades needed. 

Reason 3: Flexibility and Scalability

Your employees won’t be chained to their desks any more – they’ll be able to work from home, clients’ premises, or wherever else they are. 

By putting your servers on the cloud, you can easily scale up and down services as needed. Running out of hard drive space? Slide the slider to the right, and you’ll instantly get more storage. Paying for too much? Slide to the left, and save some money on monthly hosting fees. In the past, upgrading the hard drive space on a server could take days, and cost hundreds of pounds. Now, we can do this in seconds. 

With Office 365 or G Suite, your employees can work collaboratively on documents, from their tablets, PCs, laptops or smartphones. 

Reason 4: Automation and Backups

With cloud computing, you don’t have to worry about backup up your files at all. By hosting files in Office 365 or Google Drive, the backups are taken care for you as part of the service you’re paying for. 

No need to worry about having RAID hard drives, multiple redundant servers, etc.