Computer Hardware – 1 to 50 Machines, Great Prices

Computer Hardware for the Small Business

We can supply a wide range of computer hardware and printers, from PCs to Laptops and Macintosh computers, and offer a complete support package to suit your business. We can offer a simple monthly billing service, fixing your IT cost and allowing you to budget more easily.

With all our services, we offer a complimentary initial IT audit, to cover all aspects of your business. Specifically this focuses on security and backups, and we’ll work with you to find a solution that suits your needs.

Subscription Hardware Service

computer hardware

For those who want to fix their costs, we offer a simple subscription based service (on a per-machine cost). 

This service covers a standard specification desktop or laptop machine, regular remote updates, and a replacement machine once every three years. 

We can tie this in with an active directory implementation for a full IT service, hardware and software. 

Our subscription service is ideal for the growing small business, any business split over multiple sites, or businesses with complex IT requirements. For firms with 5 or fewer machines or the self-employed, you’ll likely find it easiest and cheapest to simply buy the hardware outright. 

Onsite Servers

For those who aren’t convinced on the merits of cloud computing (and it’s not for everyone!) we can supply onsite rackmount servers. Onsite servers can be a great advantage for any business that either uses a lot of processing power, or a lot of storage. 

Despite the name, onsite servers aren’t “off the rack”. Rather, the specification needs to be carefully considered, and tailored to each customer’s needs.