G Suite Migration

What is G Suite?

G Suite refers to Google’s cloud-hosted email, drive and office programs. It’s an alternative to Office 365, and a great option for small businesses. 

If you’re a small business, perhaps using Hotmail, Dropbox or other options to manage your files, and you’re thinking of hiring on one or two members of staff, you’re probably going to encounter problems quickly. 

With G Suite you also get online versions of Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. Basically these are Google’s web-only versions of Microsoft Office. While they’re nowhere near as feature-rich as Microsoft’s programs, they’re perfectly good for most small businesses, and often work out much cheaper. 

g suite migration

Benefits of G Suite

More Professional Emails

Using G Suite, you can use your own domain for emails - instead of johnsplumbing@hotmail.com, you give your customers john@jsplumbing.co.uk. 

It looks much better, and when you take on more staff, you can give them professional emails as well. 

Plus, because it uses Gmail's interface, your staff are likely to be familiar with it already - about 27% of people use Gmail - saving training costs. 

Shared Calendars

Google Calendar (which all of your staff get as part of any G Suite migration) is a fantastic way of sharing information between teams. 

You can create shared calendars - maybe for holidays or social events, and give all staff access to them. 

Google Calendar makes it incredibly easy to schedule meetings with staff, as you're easily able to see at a glance whether they've got anything planned at any given time. 

Collaboration on Docs and Sheets

Two people can work on one document or spreadsheet at the same time with G Suite. It's the kind of thing that doesn't sound that useful until you have it - then you wonder how you've ever worked without it. 

We use this all the time - when we need to draft a letter which involves two people's expertise, there's no need to write it separately, then send a half-finished document to someone to have them paste it back into the one they're writing. 

No, we just open up the document at the same time and start typing. You can even see the other person's cursor in real-time. 

Version History

Ever accidentally saved changes to a document and wiped out a lot of work? Of course, we all have. 

With G Suite, that's not a problem. Every document and spreadsheet saves its entire version history indefinitely unless you deliberately delete it. 

It doesn't replace a proper backup system, but it's fantastic for that "oh no" moment, when you can go back and correct anything you've done in seconds. 

Google Drive

With a G Suite migration, you also get Google Drive – an online system for storing and sharing files between your staff members. Drive can synchronise to a hard drive on your computer, as well as be access through any smartphone or modern web browser. 

You can get access to files on the move, on your smartphone, from your personal laptop, wherever. Under the “Basic” G Suite, you’ll get 30GB of storage per user. Under their “Business” suite, you’ll either get 1TB per user (for 5 users or less), or if you’ve got more than 5 users, it’s utterly unlimited. 

Secure your Data

Encryption as Standard

All G Suite data is encrypted at all times. Both at rest (on Google's servers) and on the move - when it's being sent through the internet.

Secure Smartphones

Your staff can use Gmail on their personal phones, and you can wipe company information when they leave your organisation via a single click, without affecting their personal data.

Two Factor Authentication

G Suite allows you to set up two-factor authentication on all accounts, or important ones (like directors or IT staff). This makes the account significantly more secure.

Why Choose Andach to Supply G Suite?

We use G Suite ourselves, and we know that migrating over to new software can be a challenge. So our service covers not only the administration and technical setup, but also training and support for you and your staff once you've moved over. 

If you're thinking of moving, get in touch with us to discuss your options, timescales, and modernise your business as soon as possible. 

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