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Office Networking and Cabling in Derby

For businesses which are growing, particularly those who have recently acquired premesis, having a proper network is critical. Fast internet and fast transfer speeds are non-negotiable in modern times. Andach can help with this – with anything from providing fast Wi-Fi equipment to having a full office mesh network setup behind a managed firewall. 

Services Available

Office Firewall



Leased Lines

Cabling and networkins is complicated, but as a guide price, a small wi-fi installation for an office of 1-5 people will cost around £150+VAT, whereas a full cable install and routing for a 25-person office would be more in the region of £2,000+VAT, with specialised hardware costs on top. Depending on the physical layout of the office, this could take a day or two.

These are just guideline prices, and will vary depending on the layout of your office, and your specific requirements.

Leased Lines

Along with our networking, we can offer Business Broadband and Leased Lines, generally priced at about £350-£400+VAT per month, but again this varies depending on how far your business is from the exchange. If you think your business could benefit from internet speeds of up to 1Gbps, get in touch with us now to find out more and arrange a callback.

A leased line is usually an option for businesses of 15 employees or more, and isn’t recommended for very small companies. However, if you’re growing and keen to discuss requirements in the future, please feel free to give us a ring. There’s no obligation, and we’ll be happy to advise you on future options.