Andreas Christodoulou

Transformation Expert, Data Analyst, Chartered Accountant, Mathematician

Hi, I’m Andreas, and I look like this:



I love solving complicated technical problems in a wide range of industries.


I started programming when I was 11, did my first actual programming job at 13, and spent my youth messing around with cables and wires before I found out people would pay you for it. 

Business Sectors

National Infrastructure


Care Homes



Supply Chain

Software Production


Data Analysis
Software Design
Systems Integration
Transformation Programs

Mathematical Analysis

GDPR Compliance

What do you do?

I told you, I solve problems. Specifically, I solve problems using software and data, and specialise in being an interface between IT and operational teams. 


I’ve transformed the entire direction of projects in a few hours, and enabled managers to see that what they thought would take tens of thousands of man hours can be reduced down to a few hundred with the correct way of managing data. 


I’ve worked with software I’d never even heard of to get group-wide centralised dashboards up in weeks. 


I’ve turned five days at the month end for a member of staff into two hours. That had a knock-on effect for the entire finance department, as this key piece of analysis was the central report for a lot of month-end operational reports. 


Before a client let me loose at their data, they thought that it was impossible to get the granular level of detail they wanted on their operational reports. They thought they’d never be able to do better than getting team leaders to enter total number of items produced on each line at the end of the day, and put that in an Excel sheet for a bar graph. They ended up with the ability to break down their performance by line, line manager, product type, date, hour of day and shift – and they got that information every 15 minutes. 

"The model you developed has been adopted as BAU best practice and is now delivering £m+ benefits annually."
Project Manager, FTSE 100 Company
"F**k me, that's amazing!"
Operational Manager, £250m+ Turnover Division

Fully Bespoke Complaints Management

A client had a complicated and manual internal complaints system which led to an increased GDPR risk. 

They needed a system to process and store confidential data, pass this between colleagues and act as a document management system. 

Automated Ops Reporting

My client had a manufacturing facility with £100m+ turnover in the two sites they needed reporting in. 

The ops manager’s management information was dire, and they were almost working blind. They were unable to tell what products were causing problems, which team leaders needed support, and what pieces of equipment were causing losses. 

I gave them an automated dashboard, breaking down their information to an incredibly detailed level, allowing them to get their data in 30-minute intervals. 

Mathematical Analysis of Rebates

A client had already identified a major loss in their calculation of rebates on bulk sales, and had already brought together an internally-seconded team of eight to work on a project to calculate and reclaim the loss. 

They planned to have the team manually recalculate a small number of rebates on large known contracts over the course of a year. 

Instead, I designed a data import system for the contracts themselves, and ran them against an export of hundreds of millions of lines of sales for the last six years. 

"It's smashing, it's going to save us tons of time."
Complaints Manager
"He is extraordinarily fast and effective, with a gift for getting to the root of issues and providing effective tools which save time and give reliability."
Owner of a Software Company

We're a Charity, can you help?



I’m always happy to hear from charities or non-profit organisations that fit in with my values. 


If your organisation works in the fields of improving the environment, the defence of LGBT+ rights, helping refugees or working to improve the lives of the disabled, get in touch with me. 

Best described as “considerable”. I’m willing to charge by the day, hour or for an overall project. 

I’m based in Derbyshire, and willing to travel to get an initial assessment of your needs and requirements, but typically work from home the majority of the time. 

Yes, £1m public and professional indemnity insurance. If your project requires more than this, it can be obtained. 

If you work in arms manufacture, gambling or the tobacco industry, don’t contact me. 

I have no criminal record and am happy to obtain a DBS check if required for your industry. 

My main language is PHP, particularly the Laravel framework, which is what I write most of my custom code in. I have experience in Python, the Qlik Scripting language, PowerBI, Bash scripting and others. 

I've seen enough, how do I contact you?

+44 7952 763034